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Pakej Lengkap I Can Read

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With I Can Read, reading English will be as easy as ABC for your child!

Your child will only need:

10 minute lesson per day

40 hours lesson or less in total to be able to read English.


Anak Anda Boleh Membaca Bahasa Inggeris Sebelum Bersekolah Lagi...

How Can ‘I Can Read’ Helps You and Your Child


This method is proven to be effective and is widely used in Malaysia. Thousands of children are able to read English at an early age with I Can Read! And so can your child! 


Complete learning materials will make learning fun for your child. Materials include textbooks, activity books, flash card, graded reading books and video supplement of the songs from the lessons.


I Can Read comes with teaching guides on each page on how to use the book which will make teaching easy and enjoyable 

The Best Experience Ever

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I Can Read is Interesting and Effective Because:

1. Phonemic Awareness
Basic sounds of English are introduced gradually.

2. Phonics
Your child will be able to blend and segmentise written words based on the basic sound of English.

3. Fluency and Comprehension
Simple words and sentences are introduced to nurture fluency and comprehension in reading and to help increase self-confidence.

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This book provide basic skills for reading success." Dr. Shukri Abdullah, Pakar Bijak Belajar

Teaching guide in the Malay language is provided at each page.

Package Contents:

  1. Text Book I Can Read 1 (50 pages)
  2. Text Book I Can Read 2 (50 pages)
  3. Text Book I Can Read 3 (50 pages)
  4. Activity Book I Can Write 1a (40 pages)
  5. Activity Book I Can Write 1b (40 pages)
  6. Activity Book I Can Write 2a (40 pages)
  7. Activity Book I Can Write 2b (40 pages)
  8. Activity Book I Can Write 3a (40 pages)
  9. Activity Book I Can Write 3b (40 pages)
  10. 3 Sets of Flashcards


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