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Nambai Life is...

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"Nambai : ambivalent, bewildered, and chauvinistic. And his greatest crime is being male. By the standarts of ordinary women, he is just a lump of a man that deserves all their hatred. But does this bother him? No. For this crusader agaisnt men-folk fallen into domestication and emasculation, has a mission: to mystify the devide between her kind nad his kind, and discern the difference between remaining a pathetic single and being a happy bacheelor....

Through anecdotal glimpses of Malaysian life, the writer brings a fresh probe into the female psyche and survival guide for the male specie. It's a must-read for men, women and every other animal in between." 


  • Penulis: Nambai 
  • Muka Surat: 272
  • Saiz Buku: 150.00 X 225.00 mm 
  • Berat: 0.405 kg 
  • ISBN: 9789832334616

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